Non Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine
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TypeDrop Type
Dimensions36 cm X 30 cm X 22 cm
Electrical Input230V , 50Hz
Power ConsumptionsIdeal Mode : 3 VA
Dropping Mode : 25 VA
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Non Contact Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine (Fog Mist Type)
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TypeFog Mist Type
Dimensions38.7 cm X 29.5 cm X 53.6 cm
Electrical Input230V , 50Hz
Power ConsumptionsIdeal Mode : 3 VA
Spraying Mode : 25 VA
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Eutronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd occupies an important segment of the Industrial Instrumentation & Automation Products also Piping & Heavy & light Mechanical Fabrication & Structural works, Erecting and Commissioning, All types of fabrication and services in Pvt and Govt Sector.

# Products Name Make
1 Manufacturing All Types of Electrical Panels ETPL
2 Heavy & light mechanical fabrication & sheet metal ETPL
3 DC Drives & Dynodrives ETPL
4 Hot Metal Detector (HMD) Unit & sensor ETPL
5 AC Drives (VFD) Various companies make
6 Programmable logic Controller (PLC) Excella
7 Human Machine Interface (HMI)/SCADA Delta
8 Data loggers/Infrared Thermometer Ambetronics
9 Timer/Counter/Rate Indicator Radix/Autonics
10 All types of PID temperature controller, Radix/Autonics
11 Scanners, RH Products Multispan/Radix
12 All types of proximity switches/photo sensors. Autonics/Exella
13 All type of thermocouples PT 100, J-TYPE, Radix K-Type, PT-PT-RH, Sensors
14 SMPS    Various companies make
15 I/P converter, DC-DC voltage/current converter.  Radix/Autonics/ABUS/Selectron
16 Rotary optical encoders Autonics/Excella
17 Pressure, Temperature Transmitter   Radix
18 Signal isolator and convertor  Radix/Autonics
19 Humidity indicator/chiller controllers with sensors Multispan/Shiriji
20 Float switch/safety light curtain Blue Technology
21  SSR (Solid state Relays) Various companies make
22 Linear Potentiometer, Linear wire encoder Various companies make 
23 Hour Meters (Digital or Analog type) Radix
24 Control Unit (PNP AND NPN Selectable) Autonics
25 Relay control board   ETPL  
26 PCB design and Assembling and testing ETPL 
27 Water level controller & indicator    ETPL  
28 All types of Electronic control cards.  ETPL     
29 All research and development jobs ETPL  
30 Pressure Gauges   Radix
31 Thermocouple cables RTD (J, K, R, P) TYPE    Radix/Shriji/Multispan
32 Digital calibrator    Excella
33 Static Eliminator &Electrode  Excella
34 Hybrid Stepper Motor with Micro Controller  Excella
35 AC/DC Tacho Generator    Excella
36 Annuciater Various companies make
37 Display Board as per requirement     MRB Make
38 Flow indicator & Totalizer     Various companies make
39 IGBT, Diodes, Thyristors& SSR Modules   Various companies make
40 Relays, Potentiometers, Capacitors, and Transformers &Ics Various companies make
41 Digital Panel Meters, Switch Gears  Various companies make
42 Bagging, Compressor Curtis makes Pulwiriser, Filling Machine, Weigh-bridge  Various companies make