Our services in Industrial Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Industrial Instrumentation:


Trading Repairing
Maintenance Old Machine Maintenance
Industry Automation PLC Programming
Microcontroller Programming / chip programming (Embedded System) PCB design
Analog Design Automatic PLC based Machine design (Mechanical + Electrical)
Custom/modification of old Machine in Industry Design New Machine PLC and CNC Based
APFC panel / LT panel design Repairing APFC/ LT Panel
Modification of old machine Technical machine/system/solution in energy saver or man power
Creating custom machine/system/solution according to client. Providing IOT (Internet of things) platform
INDUSTRY 4.0 Electromechanically Product Design
IOT Product Design(Sending data to Internet)


1. Hot Metal Detector (HMD) steel plants.
2. APFC/LT/HT Panel.